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  • Rancho Camps is incredibly excited about this summer. Each camp day promises to be full of new experiences, good friends and great fun.To ensure that all campers and parents get the most out of our summer camp programs, we have policies in place to set expectations and maintain safety at all times.

    If you have any questions about our policies or if there is anything we can do to help make your camp experience more enjoyable, please let us know.

  • Code of Conduct

    To abide by our camp principles, we expect safe, respectful and caring behavior from all members of the Rancho Camp Family: Team Members, parents, campers and anyone with whom we interact. We ask for your support and understanding of our efforts to keep camp safe and enjoyable for everyone.

    Rancho Camps encourages fun, friendship and safety in a positive environment. To accomplish this, we have established behavioral guidelines that reinforce our three basic principles:
    1. Respect for yourself
    2. Respect for others
    3. Respect for your environment

    To promote respect and positive behavior among campers, we seek to:
    • Treat each child equally with patience, respect, trust and consistency
    • Praise good behavior as often as possible
    • Guide children to be responsible and respectful at all times

    In addition to the above principles we seek to:
    • Celebrate our differences and show respect for people of all ages and backgrounds.
    • Be safe and commit to protecting ourselves, others and the property around us.
    • Create an environment that will not tolerate the use of violence, the threat of violence, or weapons (real or imaginary).


    We expect all staff, parents and campers to support our Bullying Policy as described below:

    • At Rancho Summer Camps, bullying is inexcusable. Our camp philosophy affirms that each of our campers has the opportunity to experience a summer where they may explore new friendships, develop life skills and discover new talents without judgment or negativity.

    • As a Team, we make a concerted effort to ensure that each of our campers enjoys an environment that promotes self-confidence, personal growth and long-lasting memories. Unfortunately, children who are bullied may not have the same potential to get the most out of their camp experience. Consequently, we not only maintain a strict policy forbidding bullying, but we train our staff to recognize incidents of bullying and provide them with a protocol to follow as a response.

    • Our leadership team addresses all bullying incidents seriously, and we encourage our staff to promote open communication within their groups, so that campers feel comfortable letting us know if there are any problems at any point during their camp experience.

    • At Rancho Summer Camps, every child has the right to the best possible camp experience and, as a Team, we must proactively ensure that none of our campers be denied this experience. As a camp, we believe positive behavior comes from a cooperative effort between campers, parents and staff. We believe that any consequences necessary should be consistent with the behavior.

    • While we make every effort to establish communication with parents before taking any major disciplinary steps, it is important to note that fighting, demonstration of disrespectful behavior, hitting, biting, bullying, harassing and displaying destructive behavior are grounds for immediate suspension and possible dismissal from camp.

    Phone, Photography and Electronics Policies

    For privacy reasons, we do not allow communication between campers and Rancho Camp counselors via phone or the internet (email, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

    • Cell phones and mobile devices are not permitted at camp.
    • If you ever need access to your child by phone for any reason, you may always call the camp office.
    • If for any specific reasons you need your child to have a cell phone with him/her, please notify the camp office in advance.
    • Please note that no visible cell phone usage is permitted at any time while at camp.

    The camp day has a full schedule enriching and engaging activities so the below items are not allowed nor permitted at camp.
    • Trading cards or Pokemon Cards are not permitted at camp.
    • Hand-held video games or other electronic games are not permitted at camp.
    • Cameras are not permitted at camp and photography is prohibited.

    Lost & Found

    Please make sure that your child’s name is on all of his/her belongings. We are not responsible for items lost or damaged at camp.

    • We have a Lost and Found area in the Camp Office on location.
    • Our staff will make every effort to help campers keep track of their belongings.
    • To avoid losing a valuable or cherished item, we respectfully request that you encourage your camper to leave these items at home.
    • This would particularly include hand-held computer games, stuffed animals, iPods-type devices, cell phones and special card/toy collections.

    Important Notes
    • Our objective is to always maintain a safe and fun atmosphere at camp.
    • If, in our staff’s judgment, a camper brings a personal item from home that may affect safety and/or cause disruption, we reserve the right to prohibit that item from camp.
    • To ensure safety, we reserve the right to search materials brought to camp.

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  • Summer Camp Policies

  • Camp Payment Methods

    All Registrations Are Taken Online. We only accept Visa, MasterCard or Discover Credit Cards

    Camp Payment Dates: Deposits vs. Full Payment

    33% deposit of your total enrollment is required if you are enrolling prior to April 26. After April 26th, full payment is required for all enrollments


    Save 10%: Enroll the same participant in 3 weeks of camp and receive 10% off each week.
    Save 15%: Enroll the same participant in 4+ weeks of camp and receive 15% off each week.
    Save 5%: Sibling Discount All Summer Long (but cannot be combined with the above discounts)

    Group Discount All Summer Long
    -Group discounts may be available while program enrollment openings last. Please call our offices for more information.

    Discount Rules & Regulations

    -Weeks are accumulated on a per-participant (not per-family) basis. The discount is applied to weeks purchased in a single transaction, and may not be combined with other discount offers at any time.
    -You must enroll online and register for all weeks in the same transaction.
    -Discounts are only applicable for the cost of camp programs, and may not be applied to extended care, bus services or any other purchases unrelated to camp programs.

    “Walk-Up” or “Day Of” Registration Information

    -We empathize and understand that parents/guardians face occasional last minute solutions for children to attend a week of camp, and therefore, need to register at the last minute.
    -If you find yourself in this situation, you may enroll online up until the first day of the one-week session up to 8:15am.
    -Please be aware there are no assurances that camp programs will not sell out. When you go to enroll online the online enrollment system will let you know if the program is available or not.

    Cancellations; No Refund Rule

    Due to the limited enrollment and popularity of the Rancho Summer Camp Programs, there are no refunds for any Rancho Program. We are sorry, but there are no exceptions. You do have two options however:
    -Take advantage of the popular option to purchase the camp Refund Protection Plan. This will protect you from losing your full tuition should your child experience an illness during the summer. See the Refund Protection Plan for additional information.
    -Cancel your camp enrollment prior to the April 1 deadline. While you will not receive a refund on your deposit, you will not be responsible for paying the remainder of your tuition owed.

    Refund Protection Plan

    -When you register for your programs online, you will have the option to take advantage of paying an additional fee for the Refund Protection Plan.
    -With the purchase of the Refund Protection plan, Rancho Solano Camps will reimburse families 75% of the unused portion of all camp fees for a complete withdrawal from each camper’s program.
    -To be eligible for this refund your request must be accompanied by a written request from a doctor.
    -All requests will be approved by the camp director and processed at the closing of the camp season.
    -The cost of the Refund Protection Plan is $10 per camper/per program and will cover each camper separately.

    Prorated Enrollment

    -Our enrollment system does not allow you to enroll online for a partial week or program. Prorated requests must occur over the phone and/or email.
    -Parents may not request or enroll for a prorated week without the permission from the camp office. If you are in a situation where your camper cannot attend the entire week then Rancho Camps may be flexible depending upon availability of your desired camp program.
    -Prorated camper tuition will require at least a payment of 3 full days of camp, regardless of how many days the camper(s) can attend.
    -If the camper attends 4 days of camp then the tuition will be adjusted accordingly to account for the 4 out of the 5 days of camp.
    NOTE: Decisions on prorated weeks of camp is based on availability and ultimately at the discretion of the camp director

    Bus Service

    At this time, Rancho Summer Camps does not offer a bus transportation service.
    -If you have a suggestion for an ideal and popular location where Rancho Camps may identify as a future shuttle stop please contact us:

  • Transferring From One Program To Another OR Transferring To Another Week

    -If you wish to transfer your child(ren) from one camp program to another or to another week in the same camp season, please click here to request a transfer. Transfer rules are the following:
    -There is no guarantee we can fulfill your request to be transferred to another program or week if that program is already sold out.
    -It is recommended you request a transfer 2 weeks in advance week prior to the start date of the original camp program.
    -The camp program must be available and not sold out (see website for availability).
    -If there is an increase in tuition, parent/guardian is responsible for paying the difference of the camp tuition.
    -If there is a decrease in tuition, parent/guardian is ineligible for a credit from the difference in the balance.

    Completing Appropriate Camper Health Forms, Identity Forms & Paperwork

    -All campers must complete the necessary camp forms in order to participate in Rancho Solano Camps.
    -Rancho Solano Summer Camps abides to all State requirements in relation to summer camp.
    -You will find your camper health forms attached to your confirmation email upon enrolling.
    -Please upload the forms to your Rancho Solano Camps web account no later than May 15 or within one week of enrolling after May 16.
    -Campers may not attend camp without submitting a completed health form as described above.

    Reporting Illnesses & Absences Due to Illness

    -Rancho Solano Camps should be notified by phone 844-516-2267 or email if a child is ill, especially if the illness is communicable. We request you to notify us due to safety.
    -If necessary, the Rancho Solano staff will post a notice of communicable illness (confidentiality is respected) to notify the parents of all children that may have been exposed.
    -Although you may have to remove your child from a few days of camp, families are still responsible for paying tuition for the day of the absence.

    Bully & Discipline Policy

    -Rancho Solano Camps staff uses the positive techniques of guidance, including logical or natural consequences applied in problem situations, redirection of children to more acceptable behavior, anticipation of and elimination of potential problems and encouragement of appropriate behavior rather than comparison, competition or criticism.
    -Consistent and clear rules are established and set from the first day of each one-week sessions.
    -Our counselors help children to recognize and respect one another’s feelings through role-play and morning assembly speeches.
    -Counselors encourage pro-social behavior such as cooperation, teamwork, alternating turns and constructive verbal communication to solve problems.

    Important Note To Parents/Guardians:
    Rancho Solano Camps reserves the right to dismiss a child for consistent disturbing or misbehavior that makes it difficult or impossible for the staff to meet his/her needs and/or the needs of other children in the group. This will occur without a refund (or portion thereof) or credit towards a future program. This will occur only after a 2nd or 3rd communication between the parent and a member of our leadership team has occurred. Warnings will be provided if the Leadership Team believes it could be a concern for future behavior.

    Buddy Request/Friend Request

    -Buddy requests may be made during the registration process until May 1. We do our very best to accommodate buddy requests as we know how important this can be to our campers and their experience at camp.
    -Please trust we will make our best effort to accommodate friends that want to be in the same group together, but cannot make any such guarantee.
    -When you proceed with the online registration, there will be a field for you to indicate the names of friends that you believe will attend the same session of camp.
    -Please note that in nearly all cases, grade/age-consistency in a group will override another friends’ request.
    -From our experience placing children together in the same group, more than 2 years different in age than the rest of their group members, results in social adjustment problems.

    Sunscreen Policy

    -Parents/guardians are asked to apply sunscreen to their child(ren) before they arrive to camp each day. Staff will assist and supervise children in reapplying sunscreen to exposed skin prior to outdoor activities.
    -If sunscreen is needed and a child has not provided his or her own, the camp may provide sunscreen unless there is written notice to the contrary from a parent or guardian. Camp staff will always apply sunscreen using non-latex medical gloves.
    -Children in the program may apply sunscreen to themselves under direct supervision of a staff member. Sunscreen sent to camp must be labeled with the child’s first and last name.

    Policy on Electronics, Toys, Trading Cards & Pins

    -Rancho Summer Camps strives to provide a program free from video games, mobile phones, tablets, audio players, toys and other distractions.
    -Please do not permit your child to bring any of these items to camp. Campers hold a busy schedule throughout the camp day and these items tend to get lost or misplaced when brought to camp.
    -If your camper must have a mobile device at camp for safety purposes please pack the phone in a Ziploc bag, with the camper’s name clearly written on the bag with a permanent marker and leave the phone in the off position until the camp day ends (including extended care).
    -If you have to connect with your child during the camp day (or vice versa) parents/guardians may always contact the camp office at anytime.

    Please Note: Rancho Solano Summer Camps are not responsible for any lost item while your camper is attending summer camp.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Should I Bring to Camp?

    AQUATICS NOTE: All Campers Have The Option To Swim Every Day. Only The Campers Age 3 to 6 Years Old and Enrolled In Day Camp Will Have Instructional Swimming. All Other Campers Will Have Free Swim Under The Supervision Of Our Professional Lifeguards & Staff.

    – Sunscreen & sun protection.
    – Swimsuit and towel.
    – It is recommended that campers come to camp in the morning with their swimsuit already on (under their outerwear) to maximize the pool time and decrease change time.
    – Comfortable athletic clothing & sneakers.
    – Lunch, packed in a disposable paper bag with camper’s first name and last initial written with a sharpie pen.
    – Sneakers. For safety reasons we require all campers to wear sneakers or fully covered Crocs to camp. Please no flip flops. (Campers in Multi Sports must always wear sneakers at all times. Crocs are allowed for all other campers).
    – Water bottle (we provide plenty of water at all times, so this is not mandatory)

    What Are The Regular Hours Of Camp?

    Camp Day Starts: 9:00 AM
    Camp Day Ends: 3:00 PM

    Do You Offer An Extended Day Program (Extended Care)?

    Yes, we offer FREE extended day program for enrolled campers. We offer age-appropriate activities for all campers who arrive at camp early or need to stay late. Extended Care is available on a weekly or daily basis. As a courtesy to our families decisions may be made on the day of camp as well.

    What Is And How Does Daily Drop Off and Pick Up Work?

    Drop Off: 8:45 to 9:00 AM
    Pick Up: 2:50 to 3:00 PM

    Please review the procedures below. Please understand that we have an extremely detailed, yet organized carpool system to account for safety as well as attendance and efficiency. Thank you!

    Morning Drop Off (Between 8:45 and 9:05 am)

    -Beginning at 8:45 AM campers will be assisted by our camp staff that will open car doors and direct campers to the proper meeting location.
    -Campers should arrive no earlier please than 8:45 AM as we are unprepared to safely welcome them onto campus (unless you have enrolled in our Before Care program)
    -Although parking spaces are available we are completely prepared and equipped to have you drop off your camper in the carpool lane. Having said that, if you would like to park and walk your camper to the proper meeting location on the first day of camp, then please follow the proper signage to check in.
    -In the event of inclement weather in the morning drop off, all campers will follow the same protocol unless otherwise instructed once you drive onto campus.

    Late Drop Off in the Morning (After 9:05 am)

    -If you arrive late to drop off your camper, please walk your child to the Camp Office (follow the signs) to check in for the day.
    -A member of our camp staff will escort all late arriving campers to their group.
    -Please make every effort to arrive before 9:00AM to ensure that your camper will have a full day at camp.

    Late drop off in the morning (after 9:05am)

    -If you arrive late to drop off your camper, please walk your child to the Camp Office (follow the signs) to check in for the day.
    -A member of our camp staff will escort all late arriving campers to their group.
    -Please make every effort to arrive before 9:00AM to ensure that your camper will have a full day at camp.

    Early Pick Up (Before 2 pm)

    -Please notify one of the program directors during AM drop-off in advance if you plan to pick up your child early from a camp program.
    -You may also use our simple mobile site as well (information will be provided to you at Orientation)
    -Campers should be picked up directly from the Camp Office and a parent or designated adult must check out with the camp staff prior to leaving campus in order to ensure the safety of all campers.
    -Campers will not be permitted to wait alone or in the front of the school or in other pick up locations.
    -Please Note, for early pick up; please arrive before 2:00 PM.
    -Our apologies, but we cannot accommodate early pick-ups after 2:00 PM due to safety as well as carpool and scheduling constraints.

    Regular Pick-Up/Carpool Information (2:50 to 3:00 pm)

    This process can be tricky as we safely move campers through our carpool system but we would greatly appreciate if you carefully read and follow the directions below.
    -We will have staff on hand to assist you with this process to make it efficient and safe, so please follow their lead.

    It happens every year across the country where many young children are hit, and seriously injured if not worse, in parking lots or carpool lanes when drivers are not focusing 100%.
    -Cars may begin lining up for carpool pick up no sooner than 2:45 PM.
    -Please arrive no sooner as campers will still be enjoying the day’s activities and end-of-camp dismissal meetings.

    Should you arrive sooner than 2:50 PM we will ask you to circle back around and come back at the proper time.
    -Each driver must stay with his/her car and the engine must be turned off for safety and noise pollution purposes.
    -Please pull up directly behind the car in front of you so that we can fit as many vehicles as possible.
    -Starting at 2:50PM, campers will be assembled in front of the school in lines with their programs and camp groups.
    -Please remain in your car parked as our staff has directed you we will walk along the sidewalk and assist campers into their cars as we pass.

    Please be prepared to show proper ID at the time of pick-up.
    -Staff members will not place a child in a car that is not in park.
    -We thank you in advance for your cooperation.
    -If you are running late, please alert the Rancho Summer Camp Office as early as possible via phone, email or mobile site.

    If you arrive after 3:15 PM you must pick your child up from the camp office or the location where our After Care is being held.
    Any camper not registered for After Care and who is not picked up by 3:15 pm, is considered a Late Pick Up. Please see Late Pick-Up Policy below.

    Late Pick-Up Policy at the End of the Camp Day (After 3:15 pm)

    After 3:15 PM, campers remaining at camp are considered late pick-ups.

    At 3:15 pm campers are taken to the camp office until a parent or designated person picks up the camper(s).

    Please note: Campers are not taken to our After Care Extended program unless they are pre-registered for the program. Campers that are not picked up by 3:15PM will be escorted to the summer office for pick-up.

    Serious infractions (either based on frequency of late pick-ups or duration of any single pick-up) may result in dismissal from the camp program without refund. This decision is made at the discretion of the camp site director.

    What Is The Camper to Counselor Ratio?

    Safety and supervision are our top priorities. Furthermore we promote an environment full of enrichment and attention. Therefore we maintain a:

    6-to-1 ratio for campers under the age of 4
    8 -to-1 ratio for campers between the ages of 5 and 9
    10-to-1 ration for campers 10 years old and older

    Important: In the Swimming Pool we have 4-to-1 ratio at all times not including the Aquatics Director or the additional First Aid/CPR Counselors who are responsible for adding an extra set of eyes on the pool. Everyone is trained on what role they play poolside.

    Who Do You Hire To Work The Summer Camps?

    At Rancho Summer Camps we only hire counselors that have carefully been selected during our rigorous application and hiring process. All of our counselors are have graduated from high school and are currently teaching, coaching or working towards an academic or education degree in college.

    The only exception would be counselors who have previously worked with groups such as Teach For America or The Peace Corps. Each counselor is hired due to their commitment to fulfill their professional and supportive energy while making a positive and lasting impact on the lives of children. Rancho Camps create an extraordinary summer platform steeped in tradition and filled with memories to last a lifetime.

    Those who attend Rancho Camps understand that it is far more than just a season at camp. Instead it is a place where campers feel at home, where new experiences can be tried and old skills improved. Our values and goals are reflected in every aspect of each week of camp.

    From our carefully planned programs and premier facilities to our emphasis on individual achievement in a family atmosphere, Rancho Summer Camps is truly a special place for our campers and their families.

    Will My Child Participate In Swimming?

    Yes! Each camper will have the opportunity to swim on a daily basis. However only the campers in enrolled in Day Camp (Ages 3 to 6 years old) will have Instructional Swimming as part of their daily routine.

    Campers are always under the direct supervision of our professional lifeguard staff who are safely situated both inside and outside of the pool.

    It Is Mandatory That All Staff Have Been Checked for Any Criminal or Sexually Misconduct or Offenses on Record As Well As A Drug Test?

    -All staff candidates undergo mandatory State and Federal criminal background checks.
    -CORI, SORI, FBI Fingerprints and Drug background checks as well as a series of in-depth interviews with our Director of Talent and Hiring Department.
    -No staff member is permitted to be on campus without passing all of the aforementioned tests.
    -All staff members must take, and pass, a mandatory drug test to work at Rancho Summer Camps.

    How Do You Train Your Staff?

    -We conduct staff orientation training programs that focus on a series of camp and child-related topics, which include: safety and security procedures, group management strategies, anti-bullying training and team building.
    -Each staff member receives up to 15 hours of training before the first day of camp. Our team of top-notch, professional educators and college students possess exceptional skills, a commitment to the development of each camper and sensitivity to their needs.
    -They continually offer a helping hand and provide each camper the confidence necessary to try all activities. They encourage campers to grow, to learn, to trust in their abilities and to believe in themselves. Above all, our staff has the determination and the dedication to make a difference in the lives of children.

    Will I Be Able To Meet The Camp Staff Before The Start Of The Camp Season?

    Yes. We hold our Family Orientation in late-May/early-June. Camp directors staff will be present and available to meet and speak with parents and campers at this event. At this time, you will also be able to pick up all important camp-related materials and security passes. It is extremely important that campers and their families attend Family Orientation.

    Do You Conduct A Swim Test?

    YES we conduct a swim test each week for any camper who has not yet taken a test at camp for the summer. Regardless of a camper’s swimming experience we always test campers who are new to our program each and every summer season.

    -For new campers we administer two tests on Monday.
    -Swim vest test: This test determines whether your camper needs to wear a vest during recreational swim.
    -The test involves swimming from one end of the pool to the other (typically 20 yards) without touching the pool wall or lap lane.

    DAY CAMP ONLY, AGES 3 to 6:
    Aquatics level test. This test determines the experience your camper has as well as how comfortable he or she is in our instructional swimming program. Once we measure your camper’s skill level, he or she will be placed in the appropriate swim level/group.

    Feel free to contact us for additional questions.


  • Will My Child Learn To Swim?

    Yes! Each Day Camper participates in a daily instructional swim program and is taught by our certified lifeguards and swim instructors. Our program, which stresses water safety at all skill levels, enables each camper to progress at his/her own pace. Parents/Guardians will receive progress reports charting your child’s swimming progress. The Rancho Solano Camp swim program is the best around and features a low camper-to-instructor ratio and a high level of supervision and individualized attention.

    How Do You Address A Camper’s Reluctance To Swim?

    Our goal is to have each camper participate in swimming, however no camper is forced to swim. The first step is to help a camper become comfortable with his or her instructor. Once that happens, we focus on water adjustment and skill progression. We have great experience in teaching campers how to swim for the first time and, with our low camper-to-instructor ratio, we also can take intermediate swimmers to higher skill levels. Parents/Guardians will also have the choice to opt in or out of swimming during the enrollment process.

    How Much Time Is Spent Indoors Versus Outdoors?

    Due to the incredible heat campers spend approximately 3/4 of their day indoors and the other 1/4 outdoors. We have multiple indoor facilities to run our programs in the event of rain or extreme heat. If the heat subsides during the summer and becomes (unusually) comfortable, we will spend as much time outside and as safely as possible.

    What Do You Do In Case Of Extremely Hot Days?

    Keep in mind that our facilities allow for a lot of flexibility. On inclement weather days, we can go inside with very little activity interruption. Also, each camper is encouraged to drink water at regular intervals. We have water coolers with cups placed throughout the campus at all times. On excessively hot days (Code Red Days), a larger portion of time is spent indoors for safety purposes.

    How Do Parents/Guardians Stay Informed About Camp Updates And Events Throughout the Summer?

    At Family Orientation, you will receive a camp calendar, which includes special events throughout the summer. We also email information each week to provide updates and feedback. Additionally, our staff members are available to speak with you personally, and they welcome any questions, feedback or suggestions you may have.

    Do You Have Certified CPR/First Aid Counselors On Staff?

    YES. Over 75% of our counselors on campus will always have up-to-date training and certifications for CPR and First Aid.

    What Is the Benefit Of Enrolling In Multiple Weeks Of Camp?

    Yes! Rancho Summer Camps has a wide variety of camps. The average camper enrolls in 4 one-week sessions per summer. Also, many of our Day Campers enroll for 7-8 one-week sessions providing them the opportunity to build long-lasting friendships and strengthen their swimming skills in our instructional swimming program.

    Do I Have To Choose Consecutive Weeks?

    No. You do not need to enroll in consecutive one-week sessions.. Each camp week offers a new theme in each program. While friendships continue to grow between other friends and our staff, it is not mandatory to attend consecutive weeks of camp. We maintain a flexible program offering to accommodate the busy and oftentimes, unknown schedules of our camp families.

    Can We Request My Camper Be Placed In A Group With Another Camper (buddy/friend requests)?

    Yes, but only if the requests are made for campers entering the same grade in the fall school season. Buddy and friend requests can be made during the registration process until May 1. While we always do our best to accommodate requests, we cannot guarantee your camper’s placement. However, we completely recognize how important this can be to our campers, so do go out of our way to accommodate the best we are able based on the enrollment for that given week at camp.

    What Is Family Reunion Night?

    The best time of the summer! Towards the end of each summer all families (siblings and friends included) are invited back to an evening of fun and entertainment. DJ tunes, face painting, moon bounces, carnival snacks and family games are enjoyed to celebrate the summer camp season coming to a close.

    Do You Offer Transportation?

    We are currently looking into a few general shuttle stops where campers who live far away from campus, may have the opportunity to join us at Rancho Summer Camps. If you have any suggestions or live in a community where a group of campers would only attend camp if we offered a camp bus, please contact us.

    Do you offer a lunch program?

    Sorry. No we do not. We do have a place where all lunches brought from home will stay in a refrigerated area until it is time for lunch.

    Do you offer a snack?

    Do you offer a snack?

    Will I Receive Additional Information About Camp After I Register?

    Once you register and pay for your camp program(s), you will receive a camp confirmation email. In addition to that confirmation email, you will receive two (2) informational email the week prior to each session(s) of camp your camper(s) will attend. This email will provide you with all necessary information including: what to bring to camp, updates on inclement weather, drop-off and pick-up information, what to bring to camp, directions, and more.

    Do I Need To Complete Any Health Forms For My Camper Prior To The First Day of Camp?

    Click Here to learn how to upload the required camp form(s) to my Rancho Solano online account?

    Can Rancho Solano Accommodate Children With Peanut Or Life-Threatening Allergies?

    Families with children who have Life Threatening (LT), peanut or nut allergies can feel safe and comfortable at Rancho Camps. We are well aware of the dangers and concerns with severe allergies and take our allergy procedures and systems very seriously. Please click here to see our full policies and procedures