Core Values

Unlimited Potential™

Lifelong Learners

The primary goal of any Rancho Camps program is to mentor participants on how to become lifelong learners and instill a strong sense of curiosity, confidence, and teamwork. Due to the exponential growth of technology, kids and teens may now explore, learn and evolve along with the applications of today and the discoveries of tomorrow. Rancho Camps fosters this new technological landscape with a unique curriculum and well-trained positively motivated instructors.


    We develop and deliver the highest quality, most inspiring, and inventive non-technology and technology experiences to the next generation of visionaries and disruptors—one camper at a time. We transition students – from being passive consumers of technology – into tomorrow’s technology creators and innovators. Rancho Camps builds inclusive, hands-on, educational, fun learning environments where students are empowered with the autonomy, tools, and skills they need to reimagine our tech-driven world through the lens of robotics, drones, autonomous bots, interactive-sports, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence. 



    At Rancho Camps we create flexible experiences that shift students between the excitement and hands-on activities of our indoor activities and the freedom and exploration of the outdoors. Participants utilize imagination, hand-eye coordination, and camp applications to conquer challenges and missions – all in a team-oriented environment. Under the umbrella of a friendly competitive and gamified teaching and learning methodology, participants collaborate in a team setting to deconstruct challenges and then solve them.

    Always Have a “Why”

    All of our lesson plans, activities, and interactions are intentional. The Rancho Camps team works year-round to stitch together camp program themes and lesson plans that are both timely and timeless. We begin each planning session and staff training only after we have defined “the why” on how our programs will be delivered and how our activities will be experienced. We believe in a deliberate and scaffolded approach to teaching and learning.


    Safety is our #1 priority and our rigorous hiring standards attract the best instructors in the country. At Rancho Camps we understand that instructors, who have years of experience working with kids and pre-teens, are the key difference between a good experience and a GREAT experience. Our family of instructors embodies the passion and creativity that we strive to inspire in every participant.


    Rancho Camps is more than simply arts, sports, gaming, science, digital arts, engineering, and technology. It’s where education, curiosity, critical thinking, creativity, teamwork, and enjoyment all come together. It’s where learning happens! Most of all and more importantly Rancho Camps is safe, challenging and fun! We are in the business of hands-on learning, personal development, and relationship building. Our company is committed to the current and future generations, so we know how vital it is to ensure we are teaching not only technology but social responsibility as well.


    The core foundation of our company and the programming we work diligently to develop is built upon creativity, exploration, technology, and fun. Our commitment and passion are derived from the unlimited positive applications of innovative technology. Throughout all of our kids camps and teen programs, students thrive under the supervision of an adult-led staff committed to the development of the individual and team.

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