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Daily Swimming and Extended Care are all included in the weekly tuition.

Rancho’s Pathfinders Camp will sell out each week.

Register today to secure your reservation. To preserve an incredible experience, certain to exceed the expectations of both parents and campers, this camp will sell out each week. Low ratio. Daily Swimming. Campers split into grade appropriate groups. Safety is our top priority – always!

Why Attend Rancho’s Pathfinders Camp?

Led by experienced adults who work in education, children enjoy a safe, nurturing and fun summer camp environment. Rancho’s Pathfinder Camp offers stimulating and traditional weekly themes, complemented with an abundance of varied daily activities and traditions. Review the themes below and register today. Perfect for kids who are either experiencing camp for the first time or returning from a fun experience last summer.

2024 Date and Themes For Rancho’s Pathfinders Camp

May 27: Movie Making : Commercials & Trailers *

We are ready to make our own commercials and trailers! Put on your beret and sunglasses for this hyper-creative movie making program. All campers will design, direct, film, edit, and present their projects. The young movie makers (and stars) will learn the ins and outs of movie making and editing software. From pre-production storyboarding to camera angle technique, all campers will have the opportunity to challenge themselves creatively and socially as they work in teams to produce a final project that will be aired for the whole camp. Each camper will be given a digital copy of their work to add to their creative portfolio.

*No Camp on Monday, May 27 in recognition of the Memorial Day Holiday. Tuition will be prorated accordingly.

June 3: Game Show Mania

Rancho campers, COME ON DOWN! Contestants, are you ready to compete in the first ever Summer Camp Game Show? Create, play, and film your very own game show experience in front of a live audience. Giveaways galore in this over-the-top, super fun program!

June 10: Magicians and Illusionists

Do you have what it takes to be a master illusionist? Come join fellow magicians to discover sleight-of-hand and other tricks of the trade. Campers will practice being escape artists, develop their own card tricks, and compete to see who can make the largest object disappear. At the end of the week, these experienced magicians will be ready to take their skills to the stage and put on a magic show for the whole camp!

June 17: Stop Motion Animation *

A whirlwind of costumes, props, claymation, and fun, campers will plan, shoot, and edit their own stop motion animation movie. Campers will be provided with boxes of materials that they can use to create their very own film. Camper animators will go through the entire process of stop motion in small groups chosen by campers based on their interests. At the end of the week, the animators will present their Stop Motion Animation Films to the entire camp. All campers will receive a digital copy of their work for their creative portfolios. Let’s start, stop motion!

*No Camp on Wednesday, June 19 in recognition of the Juneteenth Holiday. Tuition will be prorated

June 24: Star Wars : Jedi Academy

Climb on the Millennium Falcon with your pilot Oz Solo for a week filled with interstellar awesomeness! Our Jedi program will blow campers’ minds when they participate in The Light Saber Training Academy with the great Yoda. Meet up with The Mandalorian and Race to build the largest starship!. Make sure to save room at lunch for our Star Wars-themed edible crafts. Travel to the ice planet Hoth to search for secrets hidden in the ice!
Important Note: Star Wars Jedi Academy will take place at Rancho Summer Camps, USA, Planet Earth, Solar System 7, Milky Way Galaxy.

July 1: Rancho Perfect : Trick Shots and Challenges *

Dude! It’s Rancho Camps Perfect! Bounce the ping pong ball off the slide, over the bridge, and land in a bucket. Campers will create, film, and edit awesome trick shots all week long. Can you knock the bottle off of the table with a paper airplane? How about from across the room? After a week of trick inventions and battles, campers will challenge counselors to a Rancho Perfect finale showdown.

*No Camp on Thursday, July 4 in recognition of the Independence Day Holiday. Tuition will be prorated accordingly.

July 8: Harry Potter Wizarding Camp

Expecto Patronum!!! Meet us at platform 9 ¾ and hop on the Hogwarts Express to join us for a week in the wizarding world. Enjoy wand-making, exciting potions, mythical and magical creatures, and more! Campers will complete “classes” each day to make crafts and play Quidditch. Have you ever wanted to experience the magic of Hogwarts? Or, wonder what house you would be sorted into? Come and find out!

Marvel, Captain Marvel, and Ironman are trademarks of the Marvel and The Disney® Group of Companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse Rancho Camp or any of its classes. “Dr. Seuss” is a trademark of its respective owner which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse Rancho Camp or any of its classes. Star Wars® is a trademark of the Disney® Group of Companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse Rancho Camp or any of its classes

Rancho’s Pathfinders Camp Weekly Activities Include:

GaGa and Backyard Sports

Traditional indoor and outdoor sports including: GaGa, Soccer, Volleyball, Beach Games, Cornhole.

Interactive Play-Fitness Games

Get your body moving and your steps in as campers experience the Camp Rock Wall, Ninja Obstacle Course, Relay Races, Scavenger Hunts, and more.

Innovation Lab

Design, create, and innovate through exploration and discovery. Kids will be challenged to use their critical thinking skills.

Creative Visual Arts

Time to get the smock and open the “right” side of the brain during this relaxing and engaging part of the week.

Digital Arts

Watch out Hollywood, Rancho Campers are coming to the big screen. This activity station includes green screen, stop-motion-animation, and movie-shorts.

Daily Swimming

Summer is hot so we like to cool down daily with Open Swim & Swim Games led by Red Cross Certified Lifeguards and Swim Instructors.

A Typical Day At Rancho’s Pathfinders Camp

Complimentary Morning Extended Care
(7:30am to 8:45am – included and free)
Normal Camp Hours
(8:45am to 9am)
Each Day Begins With:

Morning Meeting & Counselor Challenge Games


Theme of Week Morning Activity 1


Outdoor Backyard Sports


(Before 10:30am – included and free)


Indoor Interactive Game Wall and Fitness


Theme of Week Morning Activity 4


Campers Bring Their Own Lunch

All of the above is an example of a daily schedule. Activity times and programs change week-to-week.


Tech Time or Creative Visual Acts


Water Swimming & GaGa


Innovation Lab or Digital Arts


Theme of the Week Afternoon Activity

Each Day Concludes With:

Afternoon Meeting & Counselor Challenge Games

All of the above is an example of a daily schedule. Activity times and programs change week-to-week.

Normal Camp Hours Pick-Up
(2:55pm to 3:15pm)
Complimentary Afternoon Extended Care
(3:15pm to 5:30pm – included and free)

About Pathfinders Camp

Led by experienced adults who work in both education and camps, Rancho’s Pathfinders Camp provides your son or daughter with a safe, active, and experimental summer camp environment. Rancho’s Pathfinders Camp is specifically designed for boys and girls who enjoy the comfort of a traditional day camp, but are energized while engaging with the real-life applicability of the technology of the present and future.

Catered to boys and girls who appreciate the opportunity to experiment with cutting age-technology, Rancho’s Pathfinders Camp provides a variety of hands-on STEM activities that create the ultimate WOW experience. Each week offers boys and girls a new camp-theme and provides them with stories and experiences which will dominate the dinner table.

Rancho’s Pathfinders Camp is designed for boys and girls who enjoy a camp setting and adventures using both the mind and body to engage in hands-on project-based challenges. Rancho’s Pathfinders Camp will broaden your camper’s horizons in an innovative, creative, team-based environment. 

At Rancho’s Pathfinders Camp, we challenge campers to expand their interests while encouraging them to broaden their creative minds. We emphasize individual skills, basic fundamentals and techniques, and overall well-being in a positive, safe and fun learning environment—all while developing character and self-confidence. Girls and boys alike will enjoy each and every day of this cutting-edge innovative camp program.

Activities & Philosophy

Pathfinders campers will sleep well at night and dream about the next camp day’s fun-filled, interactive, and action-packed camp day! Daily indoor and outdoor activity and play are extremely important for all campers attending Rancho’s Pathfinders Camp

At Pathfinders Camp, we challenge campers to expand their interests while encouraging them to open their creative minds. We emphasize individual skills, basic fundamentals and techniques, and overall well-being in a positive, safe and fun learning environment—all while developing character and self-confidence.

We believe there is a direct correlation between the movement of the body and an enhanced capacity for the developing mind to innovate and create. Therefore, each day all Pathfinders campers participate in a variety of play, from the enjoyment of traditional sports to backyard sports and beach games our multi-purpose rooms and gyms into engaging, immersive games. All activities and games are team-based and challenge campers to either beat the clock or engage in friendly competition.

Our Leadership

Rest assured parents, because we are obsessed with the details of sourcing, hiring, and training excellent instructors and counselors to work at Rancho Camps. Since 1997, our company has incredible experience sourcing, hiring and training well-qualified professionals to lead your children, who are entrusted under our supervision and care, each and every day.

All Rancho’s Pathfinder campers are led by experienced and creative adults who have extensive experience working in education and/or working in a camp setting. Each Rancho instructor who works with your son or daughter is fully vetted and has passed local and nationwide criminal background checks, in-depth reference checks, and a behavioral personality test – all to ensure that our company core values are upheld and our expectations are fully met each and every camp day.

Moreover, we have a dedicated team at Rancho’s Winter Headquarters who work year-round to ensure each camp team member is a proper fit and represents our high level of standards including: safety, experience, courtesy, respect, professionalism, flexibility, and enjoyment. Our entire team of full-time and seasonal professionals is filled with persons who lead-by-example, put others before themselves, serve as mentors and friends, and lastly celebrate your camper’s effort over results.

Our Training

Rancho’s dedicated full-time Talent Acquisition team works year-round at Rancho’s Winter Headquarters, all of whom have children of their own and obsessed with the execution of a proven and extensive professional hiring process. Moreover, we work throughout the year to develop an immersive multi-day, 30+ hour training experience, which includes teachings, materials, professional development, and lessons presented: online, during webinars, in-person and on-the-job.

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Our Reviews

“Please tell Julie she was a rockstar this week with my 2 kids. Ronnie and Caroline adore all of your instructors, but Julie made a huge impact. Both kids enjoyed all of your activities and came home each day with new stories about the live video exercise games they played each day (don’t know what that is, but it sounds great!). And Julie made them both feel very comfortable each day when I dropped them off camp in the carpool lane. They (and me) were nervous at first, but Julie was so supportive and made them both feel safe from day one. Thank you again.”

Arlisha Q.

“Do you offer programs throughout the year? Or perhaps provide tutoring programs? I am asking because Will and David will not stop talking about the camper and robot challenges they did after lunch each day. It sounds like a blast and I think our community and school would really benefit from such creative and engaging programming. Please let me know since I am on the school curriculum committee and I would like to initiate your curriculum into some of our enrichment programs.”

Grant E.

“Okay, will you PLEASE let me know what ExerGames are and why my daughter is obsessed with them? All Amy talks about is the activity you do where her group of campers throw balls at a wall and then the images start moving all over the place when she hits them. She told me it makes her tired, but it is so much fun. Now she wants to stay for aftercare so she can play at the end of the day too! The mixture of technology and movement is so important. You are really having a positive influence on her and her friends and I really appreciate it.”

Jennifer R.

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