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Offers Girls and Boys of all Experience Levels an Exciting New Theme Each Week of the Summer.

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Daily Swimming, Extended Care and Snack are all included in the weekly tuition.

Rancho’s Sports & Games Camp will sell out each week.

Register today to secure your reservation. To preserve an incredible experience, certain to exceed the expectations of both parents and campers, this camp will sell out. Low ratio. Daily swimming. Up to three sports per day. Safety is out top priority – Always!

Why Attend Rancho’s Sports & Games Camp?

Led by experienced adults who work in education, children enjoy a safe, nurturing and fun summer camp environment. Rancho’s Sports & Games Camp offers stimulating and traditional weekly themes, complemented with an abundance of varied daily activities and traditions. Review the themes below and register today. Perfect for kids who are either experiencing camp for the first time or returning from a fun experience last summer.

2024 Date & Themes For Rancho’s Sports & Games Camp

May 27: GaGa Extravaganza *

Yes! It’s back! A global summer camp favorite, GaGa is played in a large hexagon called the GaGa pit. Step inside and prepare to force the ball around the “pit,” off the walls, and into the legs of your opponents rendering them “out.” Campers will learn the rules, form teams, and play against other campers in Multi-Sport Camp. As campers hit Pro Status, they will have opportunities to create “signature moves” and impart their sweet skills on to other campers by hosting an end-of-week GaGa workshop! GaGa! GaGa! GaGa!!!!

*No Camp on Monday, May 27 in recognition of the Memorial Day Holiday. Tuition will be prorated accordingly.

June 3: Krazy Kickball

This tournament style kickball camp is sure to get your camper pumped up! Choose teams of 5 and let the game begin. Rancho campers loved playing so much that we are now offering it as a week-long theme! As you know, Rancho kickball is as unique as the campers that play it. Remember to watch out for trick plays, mega-boots, and of course water balloon halftime! So put on your closed toe shoes and let’s kick-it!

June 10: 4 Square Frenzy

King, Queen, Jack, and Square 1! Rancho Camps is proud to boast some of the most enthusiastic 4 square players around. Starting with technique and ending with the ultimate 4 square tournament, this super fun program integrates intense 4 square competition with lots of other fun camp games that focus on hand-eye coordination. Learn to win and lose with grace as we explore what it means to be a player in a singles match. Form alliances and define strategies to make your way towards the final title as King of the Grid!

June 17: Wiffle Ball World Series *

Wiffle Ball has been a staple in summer camps since the 1950’s. This program is fantastic for 1st time ball players as well as more experienced players. Join a team, pick a name, set your lineup, and let’s get the ball flying!

*No Camp on Wednesday, June 19 in recognition of the Juneteenth Holiday. Tuition will be prorated accordingly.

June 24: Minute-To-Win-It

Prepare for a week of the greatest games and challenges Rancho Camps has to offer. We have taken some of our most popular games and crammed them into one awesome program. Some games you may have heard of, some are unique to Rancho Camps. Whether you are a returning camper or this is your first summer, this program will excite and challenge everyone. Compete in camper vs. counselor competitions, and tons of 60-second challenges that will have every camper cheering for their team. Welcome to the Multi-Sports Arena!

July 1: Create-A-Game *

Oh yeah! Multi-Sport campers will have the opportunity to create, play, and share their very own game. We have filled the room with tons of balls, nets, ropes, balloons, rubber bins, goals, and much more! Campers will split into teams and design a game together. This one-of-a-kind program will provide campers with a new respect for the world’s most creative games and their creators. Campers will have access to video cameras that can be used to critique and constantly improve their create-a-game or to make an instruction video for other campers who may play for years to come!

*No Camp on Thursday, July 4 in recognition of the Independence Day Holiday. Tuition will be prorated accordingly.

July 8: Spike It - Blitz It

This week focuses on two of the hottest and fastest growing outdoor recreational games: Spikeball and Blitzball! Spikeball has been described as a hybrid of volleyball and 4 square but on “rocket boosters.” Blitzball takes ordinary baseball games to a whole new level. Enjoy the combination of these two amazing games sweeping the nation!

Rancho’s Sports Camp Weekly Activities Include

Activities are approximately 30-minutes long and are intended to provide campers with a fun and team-oriented opportunity to experiment with a variety of unique and innovative sports and games. 
Not every activity is offered on a weekly basis. Please check the Sports & Games schedule for the activities being offered each week.

GaGa and Backyard Sports

Traditional indoor and outdoor sports including: GaGa, Home Run Derby, Soccer, Volleyball, Beach Games, Four-Square, and Cornhole.

Interactive Play-Fitness Games

Get your body moving and your steps in as campers experience the Camp Rock Wall, Ninja Obstacle Course, Relay Races, Scavenger Hunts, and more.

Create-a-Game or Sport

Endless fun! Create and play your own Minute-To-Win-It, Marble Olympics, or Dude Perfect game. Challenge your friends.

Highlight Reel Creations

Film Your Own Highlight Reel. Produce Instructional Videos For Your Very Own Fun-Filled Creative Crazy Games, and more.

Daily Swimming

Summer is hot so we like to cool down daily with Open Swim & Swim Games led by Red Cross Certified Lifeguards and Swim Instructors.

A Typical Day At Rancho’s Sports & Games Camp

Complimentary Morning Extended Care
(7:30am to 8:45am – included and free)
Normal Camp Hours
(8:45am to 9am)
Each Day Begins With:

Morning Meeting & Counselor Challenge Games


Morning Activity: 1


Outdoor Backyard Sports or Indoor Interactive Game


(Before 10:30am – included and free)


Morning Activity: 3


Morning Activity: 4


Campers Bring Their Own Lunch

All of the above is an example of a daily schedule. Activity times and programs change week-to-week.


Afternoon Activity 5


Afternoon Activity 6


GaGa, Create-a-Game & Sport, or Swimming


Afternoon Activity: Activity 8

Each Day Concludes With:

Afternoon Meeting & Counselor Challenge Games

All of the above is an example of a daily schedule. Activity times and programs change week-to-week.

Normal Camp Hours Pick-Up
(2:55pm to 3:15pm)
Complimentary Afternoon Extended Care
(3:15pm to 5:30pm – included and free)

About Rancho’s Sports & Games Camp

Rancho’s Sports & Games Camp offers action-packed, continual fun, and lastly skills, drills and friendly sports competition. Campers will want to arrive early each day to this camp program.

Sports & Games Camp is for the camper who loves athletics, but doesn’t want to focus on one particular sport in a one-week period. Combining a mix of team sports with daily free swim, the Sports and Games Olympics, and a new and exciting special event each week. Our highly organized program promotes the development of movement, play, teamwork, sportsmanship, self-confidence, and most of all, fun.

Each week concludes with exciting the Rancho Awards Ceremony, where all teams are recognized, based off of the points earned for teamwork, organization, spirit, hustle, and skills/game competition. Effort over Results is the philosophy upon which Rancho Solano Camps was built. Fair play, equal playing time and positive athletic coaching environment.

Some examples of Rancho’s Sports & Games theme-weeks include: Punt-Pass-Kick, Minutes-to-Win-It, Spike It/Blitz It, World Cup Soccer, and more.

Each week offers boys and girls a new camp-theme, providing them with interactions, experiences and stories which will become the focus of attention during both the ride home and at the dinner table.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the heat of the summer campers will spend as much time indoors or in the shade as possible throughout the week. Safety is our #1 priority at all times. Misting fans and plenty of water breaks are abundant at Sports and Games Camp while we preach the importance of sunscreen and hydration all week long.

Activities & Philosophy

Rancho’s Sports & Games campers will flourish with a healthy balance between daily hands-on projects and interactive high-energy daily activities that include both indoor and outdoor activity and play. Parents, you will not have to worry about your Rancho’s Sports & Games campers sleeping well in the evening as they fall asleep dreaming about the next camp day’s fun-filled, interactive, and action-packed camp day! Daily indoor and outdoor activity and play is extremely important for all campers attending Rancho’s Sports & Games campers and there will be no shortage each day with a lineup and variety of both timely and timeless kid’s games and activities.

We believe there is a direct correlation between the movement of the body and an enhanced capacity for the developing mind to innovate and create. Therefore, each day all Rancho Sports & Games campers participate in a variety of play, from the enjoyment of traditional sports and games to Rancho’s Sports & Games Camp interactive activities that use lights, sounds and video to transform our multi-purpose rooms and gyms into engaging, immersive video games. All activities and games are team-based and challenge campers to either beat the clock or engage in friendly competition.

Our Leadership

Rest assured parents, because we are obsessed with the details of sourcing, hiring, and training excellent instructors and counselors to work at Rancho Camp. Since 1997, our company has incredible experience sourcing, hiring and training well-qualified professionals to lead your children, who are entrusted under our supervision and care, each and every day.

All Rancho’s Sports & Games campers are led by experienced and creative adults who have extensive experience working in education and/or working in a camp setting. Each Rancho instructor who works with your son or daughter is fully vetted and has passed local and nationwide criminal background checks, in-depth reference checks, and a behavioral personality test – all to ensure that our company core values are upheld and our expectations are fully met each and every camp day.

Moreover, we have a dedicated team at Rancho’s Winter Headquarters who work year-round to ensure each camp team member is a proper fit and represents our high level of standards including: safety, experience, courtesy, respect, professionalism, flexibility, and enjoyment. Our entire team of full time and seasonal professionals is filled with persons who lead-by-example, put others before themselves, serve as mentors and friends, and lastly celebrate your camper’s effort over results.

Our Training

Rancho’s dedicated full-time Talent Acquisition team works year-round at Rancho’s Winter Headquarters, all of whom have children of their own and obsessed with the execution of a proven and extensive professional hiring process. Moreover, we work throughout the year to develop an immersive multi-day, 30+ hour training experience which includes teachings, materials, professional development, and lessons presented: online, during webinars, in-person and on-the-job.

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Our Reviews

“I know how hard it is for the older kids to attend camp. For full transparency, my 7th grader really did not want to go to our camp this morning. However, he came home today so excited that two of his friends were in his group AND that he got to learn a new type of coding language. Here I was nervous all day and he totally surprised me when I picked him up. Just wanted to let you know since I most likely sounded the “false alarm” earlier today when we spoke in the morning. Here’s to a great rest of the week”

Jermaine D.

“Spectacular camp. Amazing. Cinthia and all of her friends attended camp last week (they were the Heroic Stemsters team) and each had an absolute blast. The camp had quite an impression on all of them since they could not stop talking about the fitness games, computer games, and counselor games they played and participated in. The Rancho counselors provided the confidence and builds the self-esteem these girls need to feel comfortable in a mostly all boys program. I can assure you that more and more girls will be attending your camp in the future since I am now your biggest fan. Thanks again.”

Anna P.

“Your free extended care was really helpful to Dorothy and me this past summer. I cannot thank you enough for adding that as a free option. Usually, I cannot afford to send my older daughter to this high level of a camp because of the cost to attend these programs in the Scottsdale area. But since you include all of the free options, my husband and I can now send D to multiple weeks of your camp. Thank you for your generosity and making it affordable for all to attend.”

Kristy T.

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