• Food & Allergy Policies

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  • Safety Is Our #1 Priority

    Rancho Camps has strict food and allergy policies to ensure that all campers enjoy a safe, happy and healthy summer.
    All staff are properly trained and well-prepared on life-threatening nut allergy concerns and procedures.
    Please review our guidelines, and feel free to call us if you have any questions.

    Our mission at Rancho Camps is to ensure the health, safety and well-being of all campers. We have developed our policies in accordance with guidelines set forth by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the Food Allergy Research & Education organization (FARE) and the American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology so that our campers may enjoy the Rancho Camp experience in an aware and safe environment. Our Food Allergy Policies are reviewed annually and updated as needed.

  • Food & Allergies

    Your child’s safety is one of our highest priorities.

    • If your child has any food allergies, you will receive a pre-camp copy of our Food Allergy Policy, which will outline the measures we take to keep our campers with food allergies safe.
    • Campers with food allergies must bring their own snacks and lunches to camp.
    • If your child has any medical conditions that have not been notated on your Rancho Camp Health History Record, or any changes in their medical condition(s), PLEASE notify our office immediately.

    Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have prior to the start of camp or at any time while camp is in session.

    We look forward to working together and seeing your family at camp this summer!


    All details of your child’s food allergy must be brought to the attention of Rancho Camps during enrollment and registration. We want to be certain we are aware of all the details and information regarding your child’s food allergy prior to the start of camp. Our Director of Summer Camp Operation will be sure your child’s onsite Site Leader, you child’s Leadership Team Member (Lead Program Counselor) and on-site Camp Medical Personnel have all of the information they need to best care for your child.

    • Your child’s food allergies will be shared with your child’s counselor.
    • All information is considered confidential and will be shared with our camp staff who will be working directly with your child on-site.

    General Guidelines

    At the beginning of the day, and before and after snack and/or lunch your child’s entire group will be required to clean their hands.


    If your child has a food allergy we must have at-least one dose of injectable Epinephrine on the camp location at all times. The Epinephrine and any other medications may be given to the Site Leader before your child’s first day or on the morning of your child’s first day of camp.

    • Your child’s life-saving medicine will be carried by their counselor and will stay with your child at all times while they are at camp

    • Your child’s healthcare provider must complete the Medication Consent Section of the Health History Record for any medications your child may need while at camp. This serves as the “order” for our Camp Medical Personnel should any medications need to be given.

    • For your child’s safety, we will not be able to permit any child with a food allergy to attend camp without a dose of Epinephrine on-site.
    • Please double check that the medication you will be providing us with does not expire before your child’s last day of camp.

    Lunch & Snack

    Campers who have been identified as having a food allergy must bring their own lunch and snack to camp. The only exception to this is for those children with fish and/or seafood allergies. Unfortunately, our food service vendors (if we are using them on this camp location) are not able to guarantee the lunches or snacks are free of food allergens and/or free from any cross contamination.

    • We require that your child’s lunch be packed in an airtight container such as a sealable plastic bag or a sealed container.
    • Your child’s lunch will be stored away from the lunches of other campers in their group.
    • It will be labeled with your child’s name as well as the type of allergy they have.
    • Please choose snacks for camp the same way you would choose snacks for home.
    • Be sure to check all labels for warnings to assure that no traces of your child’s allergen(s) are contained in the snack.
    • You may choose to send snacks to camp daily or in bulk, whichever is easier for your family.
    • If snacks are sent in bulk, please be sure they are in the original packaging with the ingredients clearly labeled as a resource for camp staff.
    • Bulk snacks will be stored in our Site Leader’s Office/Area clearly labeled for your child’s use.
    • Please remember to provide an additional snack if your child will be staying for our extended day program.

    If your child has a food allergy that is not peanut or tree nut related (dairy, wheat, etc.) they will be required to sit next to their counselor during lunch. Their counselor/coach will have their Epinephrine with them. Since cakes, cupcakes, brownies, cookies, donuts and other “sweet-type treats” contain ingredients that can cause allergic reactions in some children; we do not allow any foods to be shared other than popsicles and water ice (as a special treat for campers during our all-camp game competitions).

    Our Camp Medical Director has approved the use of “Popsicle” brand popsicles for birthday treats or group snacks for these groups. Labels will be checked to make sure there are no milk products in the popsicles.

    • Creamsicles (nor any related product) will not be given.

    Nut Free Area

    To prevent contact or contamination with any nut products, we require campers who have any nut allergies, either peanut or tree nut, to eat in our nut-free area during snack and/or lunch.

    No nuts or nut related products will be permitted. Campers required to sit in our nut-free area are always encouraged to invite a friend, or friends, to sit with them at lunch provided that their friends’ lunch is nut-free (our staff will be available to look over their friends’ lunch).

    Rancho Camp counselors will eat with campers to ensure their safety.

    • Please note that we are very committed to assuring that children required to dine in our nut-free area feel as much a part of the group as all of our other campers.

    Pre-Camp Preparation

    Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have prior to the start of camp or at anytime while camp is in session. Your child’s safety is our highest priority. We look forward to working together and to seeing your family at camp this summer!

    • Rancho Camps will be having a Family Orientation prior to the start of camp to provide you with an opportunity to speak with the Site Director and Lead Counselor who will be working at the location where your child will be attending camp to discuss the details of your child’s food allergy in further detail.
    • Our Director of Summer Camps is always available to speak with you at all times and about any topic related to your child’s safety.

    Email us: info@ranchosummercamps.com to schedule a time to discuss.

    Birthday Treats Policy

    We love birthdays! In fact, a little known fact is that our Camp Mascot, Ozzie celebrates a new birthday every week (long story…but he is very old).

    A camper’s birthday is very special, and we know how excited we all become on this day of celebration. While we support the positive energy, love and excitement the act of sending in birthday treats on your camper’s special day, we politely request that you do not send in food. Due to our strict food and allergy policies we must decline any food intended to be shared with other campers.

    What Parents Have Done In The Past That Is Permitted:
    • While it may seem a bit counselor-centered, parents have brought small treats (cookies, mini cupcakes) for the counselors on a camper’s birthday.
    • This allows the campers to celebrate along with the camper.
    • This is a safe way to celebrate and does not exclude any campers nor put them in any danger of food allergies.
    • More importantly your camper will be getting plenty of fist bumps from the counselors!

    • Consider sending in stickers or some other small token or party favor for the camper’s group.
    • Please use your best parental judgement on what you send in…as we all know, campers can turn anything into a flying object or “toy-weapon”.

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