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  • Camp Health Guidelines

    Rancho Camps has some basic health guidelines that we feel are important to ensure that your camper has a safe, happy and healthy summer. Please review our guidelines, and feel free to call us if you have any questions.

  • Immunization Records

    If your camper is currently enrolled in a Rancho Solano School
    • You will not need to complete the Immunization Form.

    If your child has not yet entered school nor in a Rancho Solano School
    • You will need to complete an Immunization Record Form
    • The Immunization Record Form must be submitted to the Camp Office Office prior to the camper’s first day of camp.
    • For your convenience, we have posted an Immunization Record Form on our Camp Forms Page.
    • Before a camper participates in camp, the Camp Office/Site Leader/Designated Safety Team Member must verify that the camper is in compliance with the immunization requirements for the State of Arizona.

    • It is required that all campers are required to be up-to-date with tetanus immunization.
    • The date of the camper’s last tetanus immunization must be entered on the registration form.
    • Failure to comply will prevent your camper from attending camp.
    • If the camper is exempt from immunizations due to medical contraindication, an immunization record signed by a licensed health care provider must be submitted.
    • If the camper is exempt from immunizations due to religious objection, an immunization record signed by the parent/guardian under the religious objection section must be submitted.

    Health History Records

    For campers who will need to have medication administered at camp.

    • During the online enrollment process you will be requested to complete the appropriate fields related to your camper’s health history record.

    • If applicable, additional Health History Record forms will be sent to you after you enroll. They must be completed and returned before your camper comes to camp.

    Medical Conditions

    We understand that some campers have medical conditions and we are prepared to help them have a safe and fun camp experience.

    Within our online enrollment form you will have the opportunity to express medical conditions. This enables for open communication between camp office and the family.

    If there are any parental concerns before the camp program begins we recommend and encourage you to call our camp office. We are open to your suggestions, precautions, etc. We are here to assist and we will do anything within our means to make your camper’s experience safe and enjoyable.

    • Please note that we do not keep acetaminophen or ibuprofen in stock to administer to campers.
    • If your camper is sick or does not feel well, you will be asked to take them home from camp so they can rest and get well for another fun day at camp.


    Our Site Director and/or Safety Team Leader can only accept medication for which we have medication consent from your child’s healthcare provider. This serves as an “order” for our camp office.

    • Please give ALL medication directly to our Site Leader or designated Safety Team Leader before or on your child’s first day of camp.
    • Counselors, coaches and other nonmedical team members are not permitted to accept any medications.
    • All medication must be in its original container with your child’s name and the prescription label readily visible.
    • Campers are not permitted to carry their medication with them and cannot self-administer any medication without adult supervision. This applies to ALL medications.
    • If your child is taking medication daily during camp hours, we ask that you bring in ONLY the amount of medication needed for your child’s time at camp.

    • Please be sure to pick up any remaining medication on your camper’s last day of camp.
    • For safety purposes, any medication left at the end of the camp season will be properly disposed of on the last day of camp.


    To ensure the health and safety of all campers, we request that your camper stay home to rest and recuperate upon the onset of the following conditions:

    • If your camper has a temperature of 100.5º or above.
    • If your camper is in the contagious phase of any illness. This includes, but is not limited to impetigo, strep pharyngitis, ringworm or chicken pox.
    • If your camper begins to show any signs or symptoms of that may indicate a contagious illness, we will call you to pick up your camper so that he/she may go home to rest, get healthy and be ready to return for more fun. If your child is diagnosed with a contagious illness after seeing his/her health care provider, we ask that you please notify the Site Leader and/or the designated Safety Team Member.

    • Please note that before your camper can return to camp after having a contagious illness, we will need to receive a note from your camper’s health care provider stating that the illness is no longer contagious.

    Stay Healthy While Having Fun

    It is important that our campers stay hydrated, and we encourage our campers to drink water throughout the day. This includes starting off the day with a full glass (or two) of water.

    During camp, there will be water stations set up near each activity area, and our counselors will offer frequent reminders and give opportunities for water breaks during the camp day.

    We ask that your camper have waterproof sunscreen liberally applied before coming to camp. Campers must provide their own sunscreen labeled with the child’s name in its original container. We do not provide sunscreen due to the potential for an allergic reaction. Look for sunscreens that are spray or stick, no-sting for eyes and waterproof.

    Food Allergy Policy

    Your child’s safety is one of our highest priorities.

    If you child has any medical conditions that have not been mentioned on your Rancho Health History Record, or any changes in their medical condition(s), PLEASE notify our camp office immediately.

    • If your child has any food allergies, you will receive a copy of our Food Allergy Policy Form upon enrollment, which will outline the measures we take to keep our campers with food allergies safe.
    • Campers with food allergies must bring their own snacks and lunches to camp — and clearly labeled with the camper’s first and last name.
    • Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have prior to the start of camp or at any time while camp is in session.

    We look forward to working together and seeing your family at camp this summer!

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