Instructional Swimming Program

The instructional swimming program is an integral and fun part of Rancho Solano Day Camp. Designed for young swimmers of all levels, swimming instruction is geared towards helping children improve their skills in the water while becoming confident and safe swimmers. Our experienced swimming instructors teach children water skills and strokes one step at a time and at their own pace, with an emphasis on water safety. Of course, we also give the children time to just have fun cooling off and playing in the pool under the supervision of our lifeguards and swim instructors.

Please read below for more information on the Instructional Swimming Program:
The Rancho Solano Swim Program is centered on safety, instruction, and fun. Under the constant supervision of certified instructors and lifeguards, campers will learn swimming and safety skills they can use for the entire summer and the rest of their lives.

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SAFETY: maintain safety & uphold the pool rules at all times. Staff the pool with an abundance of lifeguards.

DEVELOP: help campers develop and improve their swim skills in a relaxed, non-pressured environment.

FUN & CONFIDENCE: building confidence while encouraging campers to try new skills. When we accomplish this goal, swimming becomes more and more fun!

The Rancho Solano Approach to our Swimming Program
On the first day of camp, each Day Camper will be tested to determine their skill level and establish a starting point for swim instruction. Once their level has been determined, day campers will then be grouped with children with a similar skill level. We aim for a ratio of 5:1 camper to instructor during instruction. In addition, their counselors, who they are with all day, and our lifeguards, are present at the pool to provide additional supervision and encouragement during the instructional period. Our Aquatics Director is also present to assist our instructors with new and innovative instruction techniques and games.

Rancho Solano Swim Progression & Skills
Campers will progress through a set of skills. Each skill is specifically designed to teach, develop, and improve swim strokes. The strokes will focus on freestyle, combine stroke (elementary back arms with flutter kicks), elementary backstroke, backstroke, breaststroke, and sidestroke. When a camper completes one skill or stroke, the camper is then encouraged to move onto the next skill or stroke.

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Examples of our skills for Day Campers:


Rancho Solano Day Camp Aquatics Progress Reports
Each Day Camper will receive at least one aquatics progress report during the summer, as we send them out three times during the summer, or on your child’s last day of camp with us. The progress report is an opportunity for Rancho Solano Camps to share your child’s swimming progress and skills learned.

What We Do During The Week
Day Campers: Instructional swim takes place on four days of the camp week. Typically Friday is a well-supervised swimming game/activity day for the Day Camp campers where campers may enjoy a more relaxed, non-instruction environment as a reward for their hard work during the week.

Important Notes
Swimming is not mandatory. Parents and campers can opt out of swimming or water play any and all days if they desire. Rancho Solano always offers campers an alternative activity during pool time.

Our staff is accustomed to working with Day Camp campers whose parents may wish for them to swim, but the campers do not. Through patience, positive encouragement and gradual steps, we do our best to work with all campers and their individual needs and comfort levels to get them involved in our instructional swim program.