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  • 2020 Weekly Themes

  • May 26 | Wiffle Ball World Series (4-Day Week)

    Wiffleball has been a staple in summer camps since the 1950’s. This program is fantastic for 1st time ball players as well as more experienced players. Join a team, pick a name, set your lineup, and let’s get the ball flying!

    *No camp on Monday May 25 due to the Memorial Day Holiday.
    Tuition is prorated to reflect a 4-day camp week.

    June 1 | 4-Square Frenzy

    King, Queen, Jack, and Square 1! Rancho Camp is proud to boast some of the most enthusiastic 4 square players around. Starting with technique and ending with the ultimate 4 square tournament, this super fun program integrates intense 4 square competition with lots of other fun camp games that focus on hand-eye coordination. Learn to win and lose with grace as we explore what it means to be a player in a singles match. Form alliances and define strategies to make your way towards the final title as King of the Grid!

    June 8 | GaGa Extravaganza

    Yes! It’s back! A global summer camp favorite, GaGa is played in a large hexagon called the GaGa pit. Step inside and prepare to force the ball around the “pit,” off the walls, and into the legs of your opponents rendering them “out.” Campers will learn the rules, form teams, and play against other campers in Multi-Sport Camp. As campers hit Pro Status, they will have opportunities to create “signature moves” and impart their sweet skills on to other campers by hosting an end-of-week GaGa workshop! GaGa! GaGa! GaGa!!!!

    June 15 | World-Cup Indoor Soccer

    Campers are divided into small teams, which they will name after a country of their choosing, then compete tournament-style! Reigning champs include Ghana, England, and Brazil. Watch out for secret trick plays and unique rule variations throughout, including “Marshmallows Incoming”!

    June 22 | Beach Games

    The weather is perfect for beach games! Join in the fun and play Volleyball, Knockout, Beach GaGa, and of course Water Handball. Our experienced staff will lead campers through a week of fantastic beach-style games, while making sure that campers stay cool and safe. The week ends with a water balloon competition similar to games played on the popular 90’s T.V. show Double Dare. See you there, and don’t forget your swimwear!

  • June 29 | Create-A-Game (4-Day Week)

    Oh yeah! Multi-Sport campers will have the opportunity to create, play, and share their very own game. We have filled the room with tons of balls, nets, ropes, balloons, rubber bins, goals, and much more! Campers will split into teams and design a game together. This one-of-a-kind program will provide campers with a new respect for the world’s most creative games and their creators. Campers will have access to video cameras that can be used to critique and constantly improve their create-a-game or to make an instruction video for other campers who may play for years to come!

    July 6 | Minute-To-Win-It!

    Prepare for a week of the greatest games and challenges Rancho Camp has to offer. We have taken some of our most popular games and crammed them into one awesome program. Some games you may have heard of, some are unique to Rancho Camp. Whether you are a returning camper or this is your first summer, this program will excite and challenge everyone. Compete in camper vs. counselor competitions, and tons of 60-second challenges that will have every camper cheering for their team. Welcome to the Multi-Sports Arena!

    July 13 | Spike-it Blitz-It

    This week focuses on two of the hottest and fastest growing outdoor recreational games: Spikeball and Blitzball! Spikeball has been described as a hybrid of volleyball and 4 square but on “rocket boosters.” Blitzball takes ordinary baseball games to a whole new level. Enjoy the combination of these two amazing games sweeping the nation!

    July 20 | Punt-Pass-Kick

    Come and learn the fundamentals of football as Rancho Campers take the field. Our awesome counselors help develop young players as they learn the skills and then compete against their camp friends. The scoreboard is updated after every competition as we compete as individuals and as a groups. Who knows, Ozzie may show up to play too!

    General Notes and Trademark Disclosure

    -“Shark Tank” is a trademark of the company and TV show which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse Rancho Camp or any of its classes.
    -LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO® Group of Companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse Rancho Camp or any of its classes.
    -Star Wars® is a trademark of the Disney® which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse Rancho Camp or any of its classes.

  • Rancho Solano Sports & Games Camp offers action-packed, continual fun, and lastly skills, drills and friendly competition. Campers Are Separated By Age/Grade.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the heat of the summer campers will spend as much time indoors or in the shade as possible throughout the week. This includes the time we spend on the Rock Wall and more. Safety is our #1 priority at all times. Misting fans and plenty of water breaks are abundant at Sports and Games Camp while we preach the importance of sunscreen and hydration all week long.

    Sports & Games Camp is for the camper who loves athletics, but doesn’t want to focus on one particular sport in a one-week period. Combining a mix of team sports with open swimming, a rock-climbing wall, the Sports and Games Olympics, and a new and exciting special event each week. Our highly organized program promotes the development of movement, play, teamwork, sportsmanship, self-confidence, and most of all, fun.

    Every day campers enjoy a break from the summer heat to participate in our recreational swim program (open swim). Each week concludes with exciting Rancho Solano Summer Camp Awards Ceremony, where all teams are recognized, based off of the points earned for teamwork, organization, spirit, hustle, and skills/game competition. Effort over Results is the philosophy upon which Rancho Solano Camps was built. Fair play, equal playing time and positive athletic coaching environment

    Each Camper Receives FREE Extended Care & A Camp T-Shirt (one shirt per summer) at No Additional Cost!

    While Rancho Solano Sports & Games Camp promotes friendly competition, we discourage the “win-at-all-costs” attitude and instead promote teamwork and spirit philosophy at all times. Fair play, equal playing time, and a fun and positive learning environment are always the priority in this program. The philosophy of effort over results is the fundamental principal that the Rancho Solano Summer Camps was built upon.

    Throughout this action-packed week of non-stop sports, we emphasize individual skills, basic fundamentals and techniques, team play, fitness and sportsmanship. We challenge campers to maximize their athletic potential while encouraging them to go above and beyond their “comfort” level and open their minds to learning new techniques and exercising new drills. As players mature, our goal is focused on developing character and self-confidence. If you are looking to have a lot of fun, make new friends and improve your skills, then the Rancho Solano Sports & Games Camp is tailor-made for you.


    Rancho Solano Camps offers extended care before and after the camp day for children who need to arrive early or stay late. Campers in the extended care program participate in a variety of well-supervised, age-appropriate activities ranging from sports, stories and puzzles to board games.

    After care campers enjoy a snack and juice provided by the camp.

    Regular Drop-off is from 8:45 am to 9:05 am
    (Exception on Mondays when drop-off begins at 8:40 am)

    Regular Pick-up is from 2:50 pm to 3:10 pm
    (Carpool line begins to form at 2:45pm)

    Morning Extended Care is available from 7:30 am to 9:00 am
    Afternoon Extended Care is available from 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm

    Rancho Solano Camps has an extremely strict late pick up policy and an associated penalty fee — please pick your camper up by 5:30 pm to avoid that penalty from being automatically charged.

    Extended Care is available weekly and daily.

    Please enroll your camper online for weekly or daily extended care. Day-to-day extended care or “walk-up” campers for extended care should please:

    Visit our In-Summer Quick Access Page and select “Update Your Camper’s Schedule for the Week”
    Use the Extended Care Enrollment Form and hand it to a Rancho Solano counselor during carpool or call the office at 844-516-2267. Please call at least one day ahead of time so we are able to process your daily enrollment in a more efficient manner.

    Fees: You can add extended care options to the “shopping cart” during the online registration process. Currently Extended Care Is Complimentary (a $200 Value)

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  • Weekly Activities

    • Summer Swimming Fun
    • Rancho Rock Wall
    • Creative Play Time
    • Friday Field Day
    • Sports & Games Olympics
    • Tournament of Champions
    • “Posivity and friendliness is the best way to describe Rancho Camps. Keep it up!”

      Jerry (parent of Sports & Games Camper)
  • Sports & Games Camp Traditions

    Rancho Solano Summer Camps has established many wonderful traditions. Every day in camp is an opportunity to create memories and overall fun. Rancho Summer Camps treasure its daily routines and traditions. All of our programs center on the enjoyment of creative play and learning.
  • Sports & Games Camp Morning Meeting

    Morning Meeting is the perfect time for campers to get energized for a fun-filled, action-packed day of camp activities. Camp spirit builds as campers prepare for the day’s sports events and weekly-themed challenges. This is also the time where coaches emphasize and focus on sportsmanship, teamwork, hustle, “effort over results”, and discussing current sports events as they fit into the culture of the life lessons of sports. The Multi Sport Scoreboard announcements are read with teams winning points for organization, hustle and enthusiasm.

    Team Captains

    This is the ultimate team award that a Sports & Games Camper can achieve. Team Captain responsibilities are given to campers who are leaders, maintain a positive attitude, cheer on their teammates and always give 100%, In victory and defeat, Team Captains demonstrate the qualities of the ultimate Multi Sports Camper.Every afternoon, coaches from each team nominate a captain who will help the coach meet and welcome campers to the team throughout the week. Captains must wear their special Team Captain Eye Black.

    Plinko for Icees

    Throughout the week, campers cheer on their peers as the Plinko puck drops, deciding the fate of whether or not the campers will receive an ice-cold ice pop. On really hot days, the Plinko Board has an amazing way to find the proper slot so everyone wins!

    Friday Fun & Awards Ceremony

    Friday = Fun at Rancho Solano Sports & Games Camp! Each Friday, teams compete in weekly-theme tournaments while the music plays and the campers get motivated for friendly competition. Each division plays for the championship of the designated sport of the week. From the World Cup to the Stanley Cup, each team strives to play like champions!After the dust settles and the games played, Multi Sport Campers come together for “The Ceremony.” At The Ceremony, campers are honored for their hustle, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Teams are awarded specially designed eye black for displaying these characteristics.

    Counselor Competitions

    Creative and fun staff games where campers support their own program counselors and have the opportunity to see them participate in team-building and friendly competitions both physical and mental. Our Oreo Cookie on the forehead contest is a hit for all campers (and counselors).

  • The Rancho Solano Dunk Tank

    We like to take advantage of the hot sun as well as a helpless staff member–where campers throw and counselors get dunked in front of their peers to cheers all around

    The Rancho Solano Rock Wall

    All campers throughout the week will have an opportunity to climb the wall and aim to ring the bell at the top!

    Daily camper Awards & Give-Away Items

    Summer Pops (Icees), Camper Eye Black, Camper T-Shirts, Leadership Recognition and Responsibility Certificates.

    Ozzie, Ozzie, Ozzie.

    Constant visits from our professional camp mascot, Ozzie!

    Family Reunion Night

    The best time of the summer! Towards the end of each summer all families (siblings and friends included) are invited back to an evening of fun and entertainment. DJ tunes, face painting, moon bounces, carnival snacks and family games are enjoyed to celebrate the summer camp season coming to a close

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