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  • Rancho Solano Summer Camps is incredibly excited about this summer. Each camp day promises to be full of new experiences, good friends and great fun. To ensure that all campers and parents get the most out of our summer camp programs, we have policies in place to set expectations and maintain safety at all times.

    If you have any questions about our policies or if there is anything we can do to help make your camp experience more enjoyable, please let us know.

  • Code of Conduct

    To abide by our camp principles, we expect safe, respectful and caring behavior from all members of the Rancho Camp Family: Team Members, parents, campers and anyone with whom we interact. We ask for your support and understanding of our efforts to keep camp safe and enjoyable for everyone.

    Rancho Camps encourages fun, friendship and safety in a positive environment. To accomplish this, we have established behavioral guidelines that reinforce our three basic principles:
    1. Respect for yourself
    2. Respect for others
    3. Respect for your environment

    To promote respect and positive behavior among campers, we seek to:
    • Treat each child equally with patience, respect, trust and consistency
    • Praise good behavior as often as possible
    • Guide children to be responsible and respectful at all times

    In addition to the above principles we seek to:
    • Celebrate our differences and show respect for people of all ages and backgrounds.
    • Be safe and commit to protecting ourselves, others and the property around us.
    • Create an environment that will not tolerate the use of violence, the threat of violence, or weapons (real or imaginary).


    We expect all staff, parents and campers to support our Bullying Policy as described below:

    • At Rancho Summer Camps, bullying is inexcusable. Our camp philosophy affirms that each of our campers has the opportunity to experience a summer where they may explore new friendships, develop life skills and discover new talents without judgment or negativity.

    • As a Team, we make a concerted effort to ensure that each of our campers enjoys an environment that promotes self-confidence, personal growth and long-lasting memories. Unfortunately, children who are bullied may not have the same potential to get the most out of their camp experience. Consequently, we not only maintain a strict policy forbidding bullying, but we train our staff to recognize incidents of bullying and provide them with a protocol to follow as a response.

    • Our leadership team addresses all bullying incidents seriously, and we encourage our staff to promote open communication within their groups, so that campers feel comfortable letting us know if there are any problems at any point during their camp experience.

    • At Rancho Summer Camps, every child has the right to the best possible camp experience and, as a Team, we must proactively ensure that none of our campers be denied this experience. As a camp, we believe positive behavior comes from a cooperative effort between campers, parents and staff. We believe that any consequences necessary should be consistent with the behavior.

    • While we make every effort to establish communication with parents before taking any major disciplinary steps, it is important to note that fighting, demonstration of disrespectful behavior, hitting, biting, bullying, harassing and displaying destructive behavior are grounds for immediate suspension and possible dismissal from camp.

    Releasing Children From The Camp Location

    Releasing Children from the Camp

    To ensure the safety of each child and compliance with child-care licensing regulations, parents/guardians are required to sign their child in and out daily. Please make certain that each person on your child’s pick-up list is aware of our policy should there be any questions or confusion.

    It is extremely important to note that regardless of any relationship with the child – including, but not limited to: all parents, mothers, fathers, legal guardians – no child will be released from the camp unless:

    1. The person is on the official camp authorized to pick up list.

    2. The person who is on the authorized list has a valid United States of America government-issued valid and non-expired ID.

    This is the camp policy and process:

    The Registration Process and Assigning Authorized or Unauthorized Persons to Pick Up A Child From Camp

    • Upon registration for camp, a parent or guardian must go online and complete an online registration form.

    • During this process the only person (known as the “Primary Person”) authorized to assign others within the family (including a spouse) or family network (including relatives, nanny, babysitter, etc.) to pick
    up a child from camp is the original person responsible for enrolling the child(ren) on the online registration form.

    • The Primary Person is the ONLY person who accepted the online terms of the camp policy and the person who of Persons designated by the original parent/guardian is on the original
    registration form may only pick up the child/ children.

    • The online registration form also allows for the Primary Person to exclude certain individuals from the authorized pickup list. In other words there are fields for the Primary Person to indicate who IS NOT
    Authorized to pickup the child(ren) at camp.

    • After the original registration form is complete and the camper has been enrolled in camp, the authorized parents/guardians (up to two parents/guardians are permitted on the online registration form)
    listed on the online registration form have the ability to communicate and validate authorizations and changes to the original online form.

    • After the original online registration form is completed and the camper is officially enrolled, the second parent/guardian listed on the form (if applicable) is now known as the “Secondary Person”.

    • The Primary Person and the Secondary Person, post completed online registration, will always have the ability to communicate via written notice, additional authorized or unauthorized persons to the
    registration form.

    • Accepted “Written Notice” is defined as written means of communication delivered and received via a written statement via email to the info@ranchossummercamps.com email address, official Rancho
    Camp mobile site and form, or in person with proof of a valid ID from either the Primary or Secondary Persons. The mobile site may be found at: www.ranchosummercamps.com/mobile

    No other communication is allowed or will be accepted. This includes, but is not limited by: verbal communication in person, communication over the phone, communication from another family friend or relative, text message, voicemail or any other non-approved means.

    • On the first day of each camp week, the camp director will generate and print a list of all of the original information that has been finalized and accepted on the registration form. This will include all fields
    including Parent/Guardian first and last names (the Primary Person and Secondary Person) and additional authorized persons to pickup the child(ren). This list will also include any person
    UNAUTHORIZED to pick up the child(ren).

    NOTE: If applicable all of this information will also be translated and available via an online roster app via an onsite mobile device or computer.

    Once The Camp Week Begins and Authorized Lists Have Been Printed:
    • Once this list is generated and printed for the first day of camp (each week), any changes to this list must be verified and approved by the Site Leader and the Site Leader only. Additional authorized or
    unauthorized persons may be added by following the highlighted instructions above.

    • If anyone other than those listed are to pick the child up, the Site Director of the Rancho Camp must have a written notice from the parent/guardian before the child can be released (see area highlighted
    above for approved means of communication).

    • In case of an emergency, the child may also be released to an adult for whom the child’s parent or guardian has given verbal authorization. This communication may only be accepted and approved by
    the Site Leader who is at the physical camp location.

    When the parent/guardian arrives to pick up the child(ren) the following procedures must always be followed:

    1. Any person(s) attempting to pick up a child will be asked to provide photo ID.

    2. The parent/guardian ID of the authorized person must match the first and last name of the authorized person(s) on our official camp camper release list.

    3. If the staff member in charge of releasing the child does not receive, review and physically check an actual parent/guardian government issued physical ID (drivers license, military license, passport) to
    match the fields on our printed forms (or mobile device) then the child may not be released.

    3. Again, a physical government-issued identification must be shown in person to assure the adult is authorized to pick up the child.

    4. If the person is not listed, the staff member will not release the child to that person.

    5. In the event an unauthorized person or non-listed person attempts to pick up a child they will be asked politely to leave the facility.

    6. If the person does not leave the property the local law enforcement will be contacted immediately via a phone call to 911 to report a potential “abducted child in progress”

    We hope everyone reading this notice understand that the safety of the child is our number one priority at all times.

    Phone, Photography and Electronics Policies

    For privacy reasons, we do not allow communication between campers and Rancho Camp counselors via phone or the internet (email, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

    • Cell phones and mobile devices are not permitted at camp.
    • If you ever need access to your child by phone for any reason, you may always call the camp office.
    • If for any specific reasons you need your child to have a cell phone with him/her, please notify the camp office in advance.
    • Please note that no visible cell phone usage is permitted at any time while at camp.

    The camp day has a full schedule enriching and engaging activities so the below items are not allowed nor permitted at camp.
    • Trading cards or Pokemon Cards are not permitted at camp.
    • Hand-held video games or other electronic games are not permitted at camp.
    • Cameras are not permitted at camp and photography is prohibited.

    Lost & Found

    Please make sure that your child’s name is on all of his/her belongings. We are not responsible for items lost or damaged at camp.

    • We have a Lost and Found area in the Camp Office on location.
    • Our staff will make every effort to help campers keep track of their belongings.
    • To avoid losing a valuable or cherished item, we respectfully request that you encourage your camper to leave these items at home.
    • This would particularly include hand-held computer games, stuffed animals, iPods-type devices, cell phones and special card/toy collections.

    Important Notes
    • Our objective is to always maintain a safe and fun atmosphere at camp.
    • If, in our staff’s judgment, a camper brings a personal item from home that may affect safety and/or cause disruption, we reserve the right to prohibit that item from camp.
    • To ensure safety, we reserve the right to search materials brought to camp.

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