• Xpedition Camp | Ages 10-12

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  • 2020 Weekly Themes

  • May 26 | Amazing Flying Objects

    Campers, you are cleared for take-off! From homemade Frisbees to drones, this camp explores the science of flight. Campers will work together in teams to design and launch their very own incredible flying object. Design a kite, fly a drone, discover Air Bowling, and join us for The Ultimate Airplane Challenge.

    *No camp on Monday May 25 due to the Memorial Day Holiday.
    Tuition is prorated to reflect a 4-day camp week.

    June 1 | Crazy Chemical Reactions

    How do you know a chemical change has occurred? Each day campers enter Rancho Laboratory, they will investigate one of the five ways chemical reactions can be observed: vaporization (production of gas), precipitation (creation of a solid), change in color, change in temperature, and change in properties. Exciting experiments combined with fun science-themed games like Molecule Capture the Flag and a periodic table scavenger hunt will make for a wild week!

    June 8 | Ultimate Escape Room Challenge

    Do you and your team have what it takes to break out in time? Work together to find clues and solve puzzles in this ultimate team challenge experience as you race against the clock to unlock Rancho’s top secret Escape Room. Then, in small groups, set up your own escape room challenge, complete with DIY props and a unique narrative to put your opposing teams’ wits to the test. Ready, set, ESCAPE!

    June 15 | Video Production for YouTube

    YouTube is a place to bring your innovative visions to life. Explore vlogging, tutorial production, and capturing the greatness that is all around you. Learn to storyboard, create characters, stage exciting events, and gain followers in this one-of-a-kind summer camp experience. Don’t forget to SMASH that Like button, subscribe, and register for Video Production for YouTube!

    June 22 | Fish Tank

    Fish Tank is based on the popular television show Shark Tank™. Campers experience a week filled with opportunities to expand their creative minds by developing their own business ideas. Fish Tank doesn’t stop at the idea; we encourage campers to make decisions, form teams, vote on ideas, present their projects to a panel Rancho Camp’s top investors, and even make their own prototypes of potential products! Campers will case study various young entrepreneurs as they compete in a cut-throat game of Life-Size Monopoly, then discuss and debate the deals and business opportunities.

  • June 29 | Imaginarium (4-Day Week)

    Attention all artists! Whether you are challenged by a coloring book or can paint like Monet, join us for this full-day art-tastic adventure that will inspire new creative outlets for campers each day. Let Ozzie be your muse as you paint, sculpt, and draw, all while honing in on your natural talents. All campers will go home with their very own portfolio and display their works at the Summer Camp Art Gallery on Friday.

    *No camp on Friday July 3 due to the July 4th Holiday.
    Tuition is prorated to reflect a 4-day camp week.

    July 6 | Rancho Perfect 2.0

    Dude! It’s Rancho Perfect! Bounce the ping pong ball off the slide, over the bridge, and land in a bucket. Campers will create, film, and edit awesome trick shots all week long. Can you knock the bottle off of the table with a paper airplane? How about from across the room? After a week of trick inventions and battles, campers will challenge counselors to a Rancho Perfect finale showdown.

    July 13 | Incredible Inventors 2.0

    “Creativity is intelligence having fun.”
    Albert Einstein
    Stretch your mind and creativity to the limit in this week of innovation and fun! Dream and collaborate with fellow campers to come up with out-of-the box inventions to solve everyday problems. Campers will be supplied with a box of materials to make their favorite invention ideas come to life!

    July 20 | League of Extraordinary Campers

    Join the League of Extraordinary Campers! This unique first-time offering allows our eldest campers to leave their mark on the rich culture that has become Rancho Summer Camps. Provided with the opportunity to sit on the Rancho Camper Council, campers will work together with camp leaders to make decisions and help choose next year’s camp offerings. Campers will experience a week packed with opportunities to lead as they bring new songs, skits, and games to morning and afternoon meetings, as well as host camp competitions that happen daily. Campers will take home a custom T-shirt, identifying them as an official member of the League of Extraordinary Campers!

    Additional Information & Trademarks
  • Xpedition Camp is designed for 10 to 12 year olds who enjoys specialized project-based adventures and participating in advanced challenges. Xpedition campers explore engineering, art and technology while joining in team-building initiatives, having a ton of fun and making long-lasting friendships in a safe, positive, team and character-building environment. Programs include various Drone flying camps, Stop-Motion-Animation, Intro to Entrepreneurship (Fish Tank), Ultimate Escape Room Challenge, and more (see next tab for full schedule). Campers are grouped by age.

    Each week centers on a new exciting discovery theme that broadens campers’ horizons. Additional activities throughout the week include daily open swim, and leadership and team-building activities. Popular special events include instruction on the Rock Wall and other challenges focused on the weekly theme.

    Under the supervision of experienced Rancho Solano adult staff, campers have fun developing new skills, exploring new interests, building self-confidence, and growing in ways that benefit campers long after the summer is over. Each week, Rancho Solano aims for a counselor to camper ratio of 8:1 in our Xpedition Camp programs.

    Each Camper Receives FREE Extended Care & A Camp T-Shirt (one shirt per summer) at No Additional Cost!

    At Xpedition Camp, we challenge campers to expand their interests while encouraging them to open their creative minds. We emphasize individual skills, basic fundamentals and techniques, and overall well-being in a positive, safe and fun learning environment—all while developing character and self-confidence.

    Our approach to teaching and hands-on learning focuses primarily on teamwork, leadership and self-confidence. Daily improvement along with the effort over results is the fundamental principal that the Rancho Solano Summer Camps was built upon. If you are looking to broaden your horizons in a fun and positive environment this summer, then Rancho Solano Expedition Camp is the perfect camp for you!


    Rancho Solano Camps offers extended care before and after the camp day for children who need to arrive early or stay late. Campers in the extended care program participate in a variety of well-supervised, age-appropriate activities ranging from sports, stories and puzzles to board games.

    After care campers enjoy a snack and juice provided by the camp.

    Regular Drop-off is from 8:45 am to 9:05 am
    (Exception on Mondays when drop-off begins at 8:40 am)

    Regular Pick-up is from 2:50 pm to 3:10 pm
    (Carpool line begins to form at 2:45pm)

    Morning Extended Care is available from 7:30 am to 9:00 am
    Afternoon Extended Care is available from 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm

    Rancho Solano Camps has an extremely strict late pick up policy and an associated penalty fee — please pick your camper up by 5:30 pm to avoid that penalty from being automatically charged.

    Extended Care is available weekly and daily.

    Please enroll your camper online for weekly or daily extended care. Day-to-day extended care or “walk-up” campers for extended care should please:

    Visit our In-Summer Quick Access Page and select “Update Your Camper’s Schedule for the Week”
    Use the Extended Care Enrollment Form and hand it to a Rancho Solano counselor during carpool or call the office at 844-516-2267. Please call at least one day ahead of time so we are able to process your daily enrollment in a more efficient manner.

    Fees: You can add extended care options to the “shopping cart” during the online registration process. Currently Extended Care Is Complimentary (a $200 Value)

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  • Weekly Activities

    • Summer Swimming Fun
    • Rancho Rock Wall
    • Creative Play Time
    • Friday Field Day
    • Sports & Games Olympics
    • Tournament of Champions
    • “The fact that my son wants to keep going back week after week to experience a new theme is fascinating as he has never shown such a high interest in any other camp before.”

  • Xpedition Camp Traditions

    Rancho Solano Summer Camps has established many wonderful traditions. Every day in camp is an opportunity to create memories and overall fun. Rancho Summer Camps treasure its daily routines and traditions. All of our programs center on the enjoyment of creative play and learning.
  • Xpedition and Innovation Morning Meeting

    The best way to start the day! Xpedition and Innovation start their days with a fun and energized morning meeting. From Camper and Counselor competitions to Whacky Wednesdays and Fabulous Fridays, there is a lot in store at Xpedition and Innovation Camp morning meeting. Xpedition and Innovation Campers also end their day with an all camp meeting to reflect on the current day and prepare for the next exciting camp day.

    Xpedition Leaders

    Every afternoon, counselors from each group nominate an Xpedition and Innovation Leader who will help the counselor meet and welcome new campers to their respective groups. Campers are chosen to be Xpedition and Innovation leaders based on their positive attitude and “we” over “me” qualities. Captains must wear their special Xpedition Leader Eye Black.

    Plinko for Icees

    Throughout the week, campers cheer on their peers as the Plinko puck drops, deciding the fate of whether or not the campers will receive an ice-cold ice pop. On really hot days, the Plinko Board has an amazing way to find the proper slot so everyone wins!

    Fabulous Friday Fun Day

    Shhhhh. It’s a surprise and each week is something new and exciting. From treasure hunts to magical mystery theater, campers work in teams to win the ultimate prize: The Viener Snitzel Snazzle Award. Sorry, you have to come to camp to experience it in real life.

    Counselor Competitions

    Creative and fun staff games where campers support their own program counselors and have the opportunity to see them participate in team-building and friendly competitions both physical and mental. Our Oreo Cookie on the forehead contest is a hit for all campers (and counselors).

  • The Rancho Solano Dunk Tank

    We like to take advantage of the hot sun as well as a helpless staff member–where campers throw and counselors get dunked in front of their peers to cheers all around

    The Rancho Solano Rock Wall

    All campers throughout the week will have an opportunity to climb the wall and aim to ring the bell at the top!

    Daily camper Awards & Give-Away Items

    Summer Pops (Icees), Camper Eye Black, Camper T-Shirts, Leadership Recognition and Responsibility Certificates.

    Ozzie, Ozzie, Ozzie.

    Constant visits from our professional camp mascot, Ozzie!

    Family Reunion Night

    The best time of the summer! Towards the end of each summer all families (siblings and friends included) are invited back to an evening of fun and entertainment. DJ tunes, face painting, moon bounces, carnival snacks and family games are enjoyed to celebrate the summer camp season coming to a close

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